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Distance Therapist Specializing in Anxiety

*Certified Clincial Anxiety Treatment Professional (Pre-teens, Adolescents, and Adults)

*Over 24 Years Working with Adolescents

*Open Weekends and Evenings 


“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius


I am originally from the surrounding Indianapolis area and received both my Bachelors in Psychology and my Masters in Counseling from Indiana State University. I have been a counselor working with adolescents in the Mishawaka area since 1996, and have one adult daughter. 

Due to the massive increase in children, teens, and adults struggling with anxiety, I have become a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.  

I specialize in helping clients achieve their personal goals by understanding these issues and moving forward, using new approaches that have proven to be more effective than older more traditional methods. I see clients who are new to anxiety treatment, as well as those who have not found that therapy has worked for them in the past. 

Additionally, I have experience working with adults, specializing in the partners of those who struggle with addiction. I founded the local South Bend chapter of COSA (Codependants of Sex Addicts) many years ago. 

Calm Lake

My Therapeutic Approach



I have found that traditional methods to "get rid of" anxiety are less than effective, and many anxious clients have been to various counselors trying to find relief. 

I use a newer more effective approach, combining CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) including IFS (Internal Family Systems), to change the way we think about our anxious thoughts and allow us to move through life in a different, more positive way. I help clients decrease the overwhelming power of their emotions, while increasing the power of their thinking. 

The tools I give clients directly deal with the anxiety, and go further than traditional deep breathing, and thought-stopping techniques.

It involves "homework/practice" between sessions and so that when therapy is over, you are competent in your new ways of thinking.


I speak "teenager". Many times, adolescents are seen in therapy because their parents want them to be "fixed" for some behavioral problem that is causing distress for the family. 

However, for adolescents to "buy in" to therapy, my objective is collaborating with them to address their issues and goals, as well as to build trust. The behavior issues now being seen are after years of internal conflict that must be addressed in a safe and trusting environment.  

Families must many times be involved in this process later on. The most successful outcomes have parents who are also willing to make changes. 

Partners of Those Who Struggle with Addiction

Personally, I am not a big fan of how people with addiction in our culture are treated. Living with one, however, can be very challenging. Not only have I been educated in this topic, I also have been there myself, so my level of understanding and empathy may be more than others. 

Through listening to your story (because everyone's story is different), I will help you step back and not take their addiction personally,  change your toxic thoughts and behaviors, and collaboratively navigate what the right path is for you.

I am not an addiction specialist and the person who is struggling with the addiction should go to an addiction specialist. I am here for the partner/family member.

What clients are saying:

“Maddi really speaks "teen".  Our daughter was extremely reluctant to talk to someone,  and through Maddi’s thoughtful strategies and patience our daughter opened up and allowed her to help.   We were very grateful for her support through a tough time.”

“Maddi was wonderful with my 10 yr. old daughter who has anxiety. With Maddi's help she has been able to develop friendships and has more confidence in everything she does. She went above and beyond. We had been to two other therapists and were ready to give up. So thankful she was referred by a friend.”


Distance Therapy

Distance therapy, also refered to as "telebehavioral health"  is the use of a digital platform that provides secure,
encrypted, audio-video conferencing to communicate with a client in real-time. The professional and ethical 
standards of care used by counselors when working with clients still apply. 

In contrast to some popular advertised therapy platforms that use "texting" or "chatting", which are not NBCC therapeutic approved methods, all my sessions are by real-time live video. The only time text or email would be used would be to set up/confirm/cancel appointments. 

Before you commit to meeting with me for therapy, we would conduct a free intitial video conference to review your goals of counseling, the in's and out's of distance-therapy, and decide if it was a good fit. 

There is nothing more convenient than not having to leave your home for therapy. Another benefit is having more anonymity than going to an office. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

I am open evenings and weekends.

What are your fees?

$75 per session. Sessions are 45 minutes long.

Do you take insurance?

No. I am a private-pay only therapist, and have therefore adjusted my hourly rate to be more affordable to clients. This is also a bonus for clients who don't want an "official diagnosis" on record.

I can, however, give you paperwork to give to your insurance; I would be an out-of-network provider.

Do you have an office?

My office is a home office. I do not have a traditional walk-in office for in-person therapy.

How do I make an appointment for the initial free consultation?

Text or call me at 574-227-2227. Email me at


Client Resources

These are the forms that you will be signing through your own private patient portal, but you may review the PDF versions here.

Practice Policies

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Notice of Privacy Practices

Telehealth Consent Form


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